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Dr. Parcells
Dr. Hazel Parcells, PHD, a pioneer in energy medicine and nutrition. She was born in 1889 and transitioned in 1995. She actively enjoyed her "work" until she was 106. Yes, she was active until her final days on earth. She left a legacy that is for the most part an undiscovered treasure; however, she was recognized and honored as a national treasure in New Mexico at her 100 birthday scientific symposium!!!

It is challenging for me to be brief and to the point when sharing about Dr. Parcells. Not for her, though! She was very much "to the point".

After retiring from Sierra States University as head of the Nutrition Dept-gold watch and all the trimmings, she headed for Albuquerque to care for her brother. Then another amazing phase of her life began-of which so many of us are grateful. She was in her EARLY TO MID SEVENTIES (70) at this time. At this age she opened a health store. This is when PARCELL'S SYSTEM OF SCIENTIFIC LIVING WAS BORN.


One of her many driving inner forces was to teach people how to take responsibility for their own health. She would often admonish her students to "trade in your wish bone for a back bone - and get busy". There are many such sayings called PARCELL'S PEARLS compiled by Dr. Pelicano, a pediatrician and longtime student of Dr. Parcells.

Her classes dissolved all socio-economic barriers. We students became one as we listened, learned and followed her down this new path of "scientific living". Students came from all walks of life, doctors, lawyers, dentists, lay people - all seeking health for themselves or others. Most of us had been discarded by western medicine.

Dr. Parcells believed adamantly in complimentary medicine. A time and place for each modality. She was quick to tell you she never cured anything - but pickles!!! However, if you clean up your body and allow it to do its work, the body can balance and heal itself. This is what she taught, and so much more. She believed health begins in the kitchen and that we are all "Kitchen Chemists". She taught us to clean our food and our bodies. She showed us how to combine foods for efficient fuel for the body. "Moses," she would say, is the greatest nutritionist there ever was." She also taught us about Energy and how to balance it in our environments and ourselves.

Dr Parcells was first and foremost a Scientist. She instructed her students to never stop learning about life! She was an internationally respected practitioner of Radiesthiesa. Radiesthesia is the French term for dowsing: a method of working with and measuring energy. She knew how to check the energy in virtually everything - and taught her students to do the same. We were taught to use her specifically designed pendulum as a biofeedback tool. The purpose was to ascertain the energy of the subject, not for "playing". "Check it! Test it! Know where you are and where you are going so you will know when you get there!" This was her mantra. This is not as elementary as it appears at first glance! Think about it!!

Our health on all levels is the result of the "food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the thoughts we think."
She often quoted Edgar Casey's "Mind is the builder".

She taught her students to take responsibility for their own health. Parcells' SYSTEM OF SCIENTIFIC LIVING was her gift to those who came to find balance, to find meaning, to find wellness on all levels.
She offered her students opportunity to share in the knowledge she had learned and earned for over 50 years. As most great teachers do, she often taught by telling stories, laughing and telling jokes along the way. However, she was most serious when transmitting scientific information.

She loved to tell this story of a woman who asked her if the Dr. taught Metaphysics. Dr. asked the lady," Do you know what metaphysics is?" The answer was "NO, not really." Dr. replied, "Then how would you know if I taught it or not?"

Dr. Parcells had red hair and sparkling, bright blue eyes. At 106 she still had red hair. Being a Pioneer in nutrition, she was often asked what vitamins she took to keep her hair so natural. "Oh, my dear, it is called CLAIROL"!! This was said in all seriousness and then the contagious laugh.

Dr. Hazel Parcells opened the door to an amazing world, a world of possibilities, of open horizons, a world where the choices are OURS, maybe not superficially but always at a deeper (higher) level. This is empowering, encouraging, exciting, exhilarating and challenging! Doctor was all of these attributes and so much more. She "walked her talk" and set an example for us to follow and to share.

To Bless the space between us
John O'Donohue